If Keema is your preferred non-vegetarian food, here is all you require to know about it?

Keema is a non-vegetarian dish that can be prepared from the meat of any animal, usually Goat. Here is what you need to know about the average calorie count and nutrition facts in the dish of keema.

We are here to provide the authentic taste of UnMutton Keema while fixing all concerns about plant-based food, like the taste and texture, to rest. Our company is looking to assure consumers to switch to Vegan food products to save the planet, resist climate change and global warming. With the cooperation of technology, it can offer meat from sustainable plant-based sources that are natural and pleasant while also being kind to the environment and the planet. 

How has the idea of plant-based meats been discovered in India?

Plant-based food is not new to India. Plant-based meat though is at a very initial stage here. Most plant-based meat companies from the western markets are focused on animal meat analogs and hence have not found India to be a huge market for plant-based food yet. However, we are witnessing awareness levels about the impact of animal agriculture going up since the pandemic. This has changed to some non-vegetarians being ready to embrace a more flexitarian lifestyle and substitute some meat-eating with plant-based options. Yes, there is a large-scale vegan community in India, which is so far practiced as plant-based meat and has supported and believed in our products since launch.

The pandemic might have temporarily restricted things down, but it has highlighted the requirement of the hour; that is more plant-based options. The plant-based market is expanding rapidly post covid and the results are evident from the new launches and modifications taking place. 



It’s an overwhelming time for vegetarians in India. The non-meat sources of protein are no more confined to nuts, pulses and leafy greens. With Soya Flour, Soya Protein Isolate, Wheat Gluten, Vegetable Protein (Pea), Quinoa Flour, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soy), Beet Red Powder, Water, etc. using a low moisture protein extrusion technique. “The protein in peas or soya are brought out and then texturized so that it is perceived as protein and then we add our secret spices, herbs & flavors to neutralize. In this meatless version, we used Soya Flour, Vegetable Protein, Vegetable Protein (Pea and believe us, even a meat-lover won’t drop a beat). 

Can plant-based meat be transported?

Yes, it can be shipped like any other food product. We do have a lot of overseas satisfied customers. There have been some requests coming from various countries & to check or order you can visit our website. We are currently focused on the Indian domestic market though for now.

Tell us about the awareness of our new product “UnMutton Keema”. 

UnMutton Keema is one of the finest mock meat which has the taste of India’s delicious street food, with many health benefits like the growth of an individual’s immunization and keeps lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories as compared to animal meat.


Also, Extreme animal meat intake can lead to dietary-related diseases like cardiovascular diseases; type 2 diabetes, and obesity. To avoid these problems we have come up with this wonderful product in which the protein in peas or soya is brought out and then texturized so that it perceives like protein and then we add our secret spices, herbs & flavors to counterbalance. 

People who are fond of animal meat and think plant-based meat is all about salads and quinoa, then this product. If you want a dish that’s healthy, nutritious, but at the same time delicious too, then our UnMutton keema is an excellent choice to tingle your taste buds. 

As our main aim is to save animals without making the meat lover compromise with their taste and the original texture of real meat we have come up with this amazing product “UnMutton Keema” which is full of proteins, veggies, good for every age group. Here have used Plant-based food instead of “animal meat”. 

Our UnMutton keema is a complete substitute for Mutton keema because unlike some other ground meat alternates it crumbles easily and does not clump together, which is the most essential to make a finger-licking dish.

How feasible eating habits in post-Covid-19 times are catching over animal meat products and what lies in the future?

People are becoming more and more conscious of the impact that humans have on the planet, even at a very individual level. If we are to evade a climate cataclysm, there is a necessity to focus on sustainable consuming habits.

Vegan Keema /UnMutton keema is an alternative and healthy meat substitute for an individual to consume to avoid & lower the risk of dangerous diseases. It is usually a minced vegan meat dish made with a combination of plant proteins & spices to add a typical flavor.