How many times have you heard that a Vegan Food diet will make you weak? Or you will not get the nutrients it requires? People assume a plant-based diet contains only greens, and you would have to live on salad all lifelong—a sad and tasteless life.

Every child has been taught to eat greens to get nutrients. Yet, when people choose a heavily veg meat, several misconceptions surround them even after the availability of vegan meat and products

We are debunking all those plant protein myths that people thought were true with plant-based nutrition facts.

Plant Based Meat

Give up all my favorite foods and snacks.

Food gives us a sense of belonging like no other. It creates comfort, releases stress, and becomes a way of making memories. Do you remember that tasty cake you had on your birthday? Or that pizza you ate at your graduation party?

Going on a vegan diet would be the scariest thing we might suggest to you… Or that's what you think?

A vegan diet comes with exceptional plant-based meat or vegan products available in the market that will never make you feel left out. You can get everything you might crave for on a vegan diet, be it your Mutton Biryani or a cheesy Pizza. You are not going to miss out on anything!

It's expensive

In India, we eat food without knowing it's vegan. Rajma Chawal? Vegan, Pani-Puri? Vegan. Your household dal to your favorite Indian delicacy; you can find it vegan. 

But is it relatively expensive for mock meat and dairy alternatives? There are many resources to replace the meat, and when it comes to ready-to-cook veg meat, brands have made their products accessible to the masses, like our own brand GoodDot. 

The market itself is becoming a way to debunk this myth. 

Needless to say, the more you know facts about plant-based meat, the more you will be amazed at it.

plant based chicken


Eating only bland, boring meals forever

If you think a Vegan Food is all about eating salad and greens, you couldn't be more wrong about it. There are endless options from vegetarian meat to vegan cheese; you can enjoy your favorite dishes and be mindful of what you are eating. 

There are also foods worldwide that are naturally vegan and do not contain any animal product. Every day with plant based chicken and vegan products is new, refreshing, and full of experiments that will be anything but boring. You will be experimenting with your food, trying out new dishes from different delicacies. 

Sometimes people make their plant-based meat at home, and what could be more exciting than realizing you are not missing out on anything but enjoying a new tastier world!

Can't eat at restaurants anymore

Restaurant food means, Meat, Paneer, dairy, and lots of Paneer. How will you live without that creamy white sauce pasta or that tasty bite of Chilli Paneer? 

We have been asking too many questions, yet the answer is always the same; You will never miss out on anything. The taste of vegetarian meat will hypnotize you, and you won't be able to guess the difference! And guess what? Paneer has a long-lost sibling that is Plant-based!

Your restaurant will know how to fool your taste bud with tofu and other servings with vegan products and meat. You will be going there day after day on a lazy dinner night.

Dining at someone else's home will be impossible

There are always some food options available without the thought of it. From fries to salads, you won't need to worry about anything.

And If you know the host, a word in advance about your preferences can take you a long way. There is very easy preparation for vegan food that will not bother your host and could be enjoyed by everyone.

Easily accessible vegan products will also be new to offer and make the meet more interesting.

Plant Based Protein

I won't get enough protein, vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients

Without meat, how will you get protein? Dairy products are must for calcium? A balanced meal must contain dairy, meat, and seafood?

Not true. A balanced and mindful variety of foods will fulfill all your nutrient and mineral needs. 

The common misconception of protein deficiency in a Plant Based Protein could be fulfilled by various options like grains, beans, whole foods. Vegetables and fruits are packed with nutrients and anti-oxidant, and with the addition of veg meat, you could get a nutritional meal.

 A simple change of proportion size will make your diet healthier than your previous planned diets. 

With a planned and guilt-free diet, your body and mind will both be happier.

You'll be hungry on a plant-based diet

Often people's primary reason for not turning to veganism is the fear of being left hungry. Due to low calory density in plants, it seems not fulfilling enough. 

However, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fruits are high in fiber, which will leave you feeling fuller for a longer duration. 

There are many options of veg meat, dairy substitutes, and alternatives to your everyday meal on a non-plant-based diet for your food cravings.

There are even more myths and facts about veganism. But leaving those boundaries, you will be introduced to a world of health, flavor, and compassion that will be more personalized for you.

The availability of vegan protein and vegetarian meat has made it significantly more accessible for people to shift and join this good revolution to be more aware and compassionate towards your health, animals, and environment.