More than 1.2 crores (12 million!) packets of GoodDot noodles sold in the first year of its launch!!

This unprecedented performance both surprises as well as motivates us. The fact that we could create our own small place in a crowded market of instant noodles which incidentally is dominated by a leading brand in this space just goes on to show the strength of the team beyond the technology of plant-based meats. Interestingly, this product was launched based upon the demand of consumers catered to by our distribution partner. There was a demand for high protein noodles which could be consumed frequently. Honoring that demand the team came up with this product which became an instant success!

India is known as the land of spices. And Indians love their spices. For a plant-based meat company, or as a matter of fact, any food company, to be widely successful the culinary game has to be on point. Having an in-house strength to add value to the plant-based meats with the matching culinary solutions gives our team here at GoodDot a unique advantage.

Our recent product launches like Unmutton Keema Kit, Eggless Bhurji kit have in-house developed spice solutions that are receiving extremely encouraging responses from consumers. Team GOODDOT SPICES has played a stellar role in this aspect.

Product moats and technical moats are not built overnight. It is through years of innovation and hard work along with adequate amounts of luck, that a strong moat is created. Team GoodDot is committed to keep working hard and keep innovating to meet consumer expectations and eventually exceed them.

All the GoodDot products are available for purchase on the GoodDot website,

Do give GoodDot noodles and Unmutton Keema a try. We can guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Onwards & upwards to a compassionate world!