The origin of GoodDot was based on the desire to make the world a more compassionate place by offering consumers tasty, healthy, and cruelty-free alternatives to animal meat.

This deep sense of purpose is what gives all of us here at GoodDot the most joy as we work hard towards mainstreaming plant-based food products in India and across the globe.

There are immense opportunities everywhere to identify and work on solving some of the biggest problems facing us as a society. These range from poverty, illiteracy, climate change, health, and so on. It’s inspiring to see that we are living in a time of deep despair but also a time of incredible hope. So many inspiring persons and organisations are now working harder and better to solve these critical problems across the globe.

All of us are realising that things need to change and we are much more open to constructive change than we ever were. The impact of Covid had united the world in concern like never before. It proved that all of us here on earth have our destinies interlinked and it’s up to us to work towards a better and more sustainable world.

We believe that no human being wants to intentionally hurt animals. In that sense, everyone is a vegan because the essence of veganism is to avoid inflicting pain on our fellow sentient beings — the animals.

Our goal has always been to provide innovative food products for consumers that make it easier for them to switch to a plant-based and vegan diet.

There never was a more opportune time and more pressing need to

“Be Good. Do Good”

Onwards & upwards