When we used to solve picture puzzles in early childhood, we had two separate images on both sides of the puzzle.

It was quite interesting that when we put together the puzzle pieces on one side, the other side would get completed automatically. That clearly signified that the puzzle was solved perfectly.

This simple analogy comes to my mind when we move ahead in the plant-based meat space. As a team, we are driven by the ethical aspect of plant-based meat with reduced cruelty on animals.

That’s our intended puzzle to solve. That is, to find products that are tasty and affordable so that they can act as a credible alternative to animal meat.
However just like the picture puzzle, when the pieces on one side are being assembled properly, the picture (s) on the other side get assembled automatically.

Similarly, the positive impact of plant-based meat is not just limited to animal welfare but also extends to other important areas such as Green House Gas emissions, Environmental pollution, Health, etc.

The externalities of this sector which create a positive impact on multiple spheres just strengthens our belief that we are solving the puzzle in the correct way. This makes both our efforts as well as the journey extremely meaningful and rewarding.

Onwards & upwards to a compassionate world!