A well-written article on Beyond Meat, the world’s leading plant-based meat company.

Thanks a lot, Prachi Sinha for the kind shoutout.

Beyond Meat is the most important company in the space of plant-based meat which has catapulted plant-based meat from a niche space to the disruptive sector of the $1.3 trillion meat industry.

While as a company we are quite inspired by the wonderful work done by companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, our approach is quite different from these global giants. The market entry of these two players was from Retail and Foodservice respectively and there has been a distinct premium price point for their products vis-a-vis animal meat products. Now after years of success, there is a movement toward rationalization of their price points.

With a sharp focus on taste, price, and also shelf stability at room temperature we have taken a bottom-up approach by selling our products in the interior parts of India to consumers who are extremely priced sensitive. Also moving away from the products like Burger Patties and Nuggets, our products to date are more tuned towards chunks of meat to be put in curries, tikkas, biryani, etc.

Based upon large-scale consumer feedback from all across India the product development team is working continuously to refine the taste, texture, and price point of our products. Exciting new product rollouts are planned in the coming months.

We know our strengths. We know our weaknesses. We know we will fulfill our potential.

Onwards & upwards to a compassionate world!