Thai Green Curry by GoodDot

250.00 Inclusive of all taxes

We can’t take you to Thailand, but we have brought Thailand to you – really, our curries are made in Thailand! GoodDot brings authentic Thai flavours in a convenient ready-to-eat format. With carefully selected traditional ingredients, combined with cutting-edge plant-based protein bites, our 100% vegetarian (actually, Vegan) Thai curries are sure to sweep you off your feet

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GoodDot Thai Green Curry is aromatic flavors of thai basil ,lemongrass and galangal in our superscript green curry paste. Go ahead experience with Thailand like never before.

GoodDot  is an Indian firm developing and  manufacturing innovative  protein-riches vegan food. This product brings authenticate Thai flavors in convenient ready to eat format. with carefully selected  combined with cutting edge, plant based protein 100% vegetarian (vegan).

Using specials technologies developed. like in-house, grass, plant-based proteins turned into products. this product look and taste like meat but all are 100% vegetarian (vegan). this product provide wonderful alternative to meat, while being nutrition’s, animal- friendly and environment friendly.

Ingredients –

Vegetarian bytz (20.00%) flour mix-up, gram flour, wheat flour, soya flour, quinoa flour, Rice flour. Some powder are using in this product like fenugreek, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, garlic ,onion, red chili powder. Green curry paste amazing mixture of lemon grass ,green chili, shallot, garlic, galangal, salt, coriander, kaffir lime leaves, cumin white paper. water (26.50%), coconut milk (26.50%)

This product has facility that uses in peanut and sesame and contains natural colours and soya or wheat (Gluten).

Stabilizer included like (INS401), (INS412), (INS415), modified corn starch (INS1422) 0.40% sweet basil leaves , and 0.35% kaffier lime leaves.

Nutritional facts-

Available on approximately value per 100 mg. energy in (Kcal) 143.7, protein in (g) 5.78, carbohydrates in(g) 7.44, dietary fibers in(g) 3.13,Trans fatty acids in(g) is 0, cholesterol in(mg) is 0,iron (0.89) and some other nutritional facts available on approximately value per 100 mg. enjoy this product like GoodDot Thai Green curry .

A lovely balance of flavours for smooth gravy with bby corn and with innovative planet based protein bites.

Which are Using for characterize this fantastic creations. This green Thai curry are balancing with nutritional level and healthy, tasty as vegetarian (vegan)..try this amazing product.