Gooddot Team

Gooddot Team a diverse team with educational and professional experiences ranging .

Engineers, finance professionals, serial entrepreneurs, scientists, marketers and hospitality industry professionals form Gooddot Team .


Abhishek Sinha

Co-Founder and CEO

Senior taxation bureaucrat and chemical engineer: Leadership and expertise in strategy, product development, process engineering, and regulatory landscape.

Gooddot Team

Deepak Parihar

Co-Founder and CFO

Chartered accountant, serial entre- preneur and an ex-CFO of a leading consumer goods company: Heads finance, legaland operations team, while handling key partnerships.

Taranum Bhatia

Director of Giving

Sociologist, writer and NGO professional: Handles Good Dot's corporate giving program and partnerships with social enterprises.

Gooddot Team

Shruti Sonali

Chief Innovation Officer

Successful hotelier, restaurateur and senior HR professional: Leads product development and expansion into new products.

Gooddot Team

Abhinav Sinha

VP - Strategy

Biochemist and marketing strategist: Brings sci- entific expertise, and leads strategy and business development


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