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There are a lot of things in this world that make you happy and one of them is food. To be more specific, Good Food, which not only makes you happy but also makes you happy in a healthy way.

But for us, it wasn’t the food that made us happy but the happy faces of our customers and the empty shelves in the supermarket. We knew right away that our Pure Secret recipes worked.

It has not even been 5 years since we launched and came into the industry with a small portfolio of products and the word is that we have started to give our competitors, well, “competition”.

Allow us to give you a closer look at our exclusive range of herbal drinks and veggie soups. Let’s start with herbal drinks.


The Power Of Herbs & Spices Instant Energy Powder
With 6+ herbal ingredients, this Health energy drink gives you the necessary boost you need in the middle of the day.
GOOD DOT SPICES’ Pure Secret Instant drink SIP2FIT is our most loved item and shelves get empty almost every other day.

But what makes it so special?
Well, this drink is not just about the taste but it also focuses on providing a daily dose of health in a gulp. One spoon of Sip2Fit instant herbal energy drink powder provides instant energy, relief from acidity, and improved immunity.
The interesting thing about Sip2Fit is that when it is consumed with cold water it provides relief from acidity, consumed with hot water it boosts immunity, and consumed with a glass of regular water it provides a tasty punch of energy.

But how does it do that?
Well, the secret of the ayurvedic properties that lie in this herbal drink comes from its ingredients which are desi kitchen ingredients like amla, tulsi, aloe vera, cinnamon, and black pepper. It is also fortified with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and Zinc which are essential for our immune system to keep up.
So a glass of Pure Secret Sip2Fit after an energy-sapping day is enough to get all the heat out.
It is super easy to prepare, just mix one sachet of SIP2FIT in 2 glasses of child water and enjoy this instant herbal drink.

Herbal Tea

If you cannot take milk tea and you are looking for a replacement, then your wait is over. Our Instant Herbal Tea Sip2Fit is a substitute for milk tea with an additional herbal characteristic.
Next is GoodDot Spices’ Pure Secret Sip2Fit Instant Herbal Tea. Recently launched, as an alternative to regular tea, Pure Secret Sip2Fit Herbal Tea seems to have made a fan base of its own.
It is the single best option for those who don’t want to have regular tea because either they are diabetic or they care for their health and are aware that regular tea is way more overrated, which overshadows its disadvantages.
Unlike regular tea, Our Sip2Fit does not contain any caffeine or nicotine, so you can relax there. Instead it is loaded with things like vitamin C, zinc, b12, and d3 that come from ingredients like Amla, Tulsi, Black Pepper, Aloe Vera, Mint powder, Cinnamon powder, and Cumin powder.
And at last, it comes with a teensy bit 🤏of sugar because what’s a good tea without a little bit of sugar. But hey, we already add it in a minute amount just for the taste, you don’t need to add any sugar on top of it.
But that’s not it. This herbal tea has some really good benefits that actually might aid in some bodily functions.

Now that we have told you about our herbal drinks, it’s time for the soup.

Pure Secret Veggie Soup Hot & Sour

A light and filling snack.
GoodDot Spices’ Pure Secret Hot & Sour soup is a simple and delightful snack to kill those evening hunger pangs. We can guarantee that you wouldn’t even feel like you’re having a powdered instant soup made without the broth. It has soy chunks to add up to your daily protein intake, plus it has carrots, onions, and green peas making it an even better option for those wander who looking for healthy snack options and the best part is, it only takes 2 minutes to cook.
Our Bestsellers in soups, Pure Secret Readymade Veggie Soup Hot & Sour Soup is a light and filling evening snack to kill those hunger pangs. This is a proper Indo-Chinese treat.

Prepared with our own secret spices and seasonings this is literally instant soup. You don’t need to add your own spices, it already comes out perfect. All you need to do is cut, pour, and bring it to a boil in 300 ml of water. Pure Secret Veggie Soup Hot & Sour and along with our other soups were made to kill the evening cravings you have while making sure that you eat something healthy instead of grabbing that samosa, a bag of chips, only to feel guilty later.

Pure Secret Veggie Soup Hot & Sour is a healthy option that you can rely upon because you only get the good veggies, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, our secret traditional seasoning, and nothing else.

It is also perfect for those who want to have more without worrying about having to watch their calorie intake because one serving of this soup contains only 62 calories and one serving is enough to kill your craving to have “more”.

Pure Secret Veggie Tomato Soup

A little bit sweet and a little bit tangy.
A combination of best quality tomatoes, herbs, and spices with a delicious aroma, delightful taste and the perfect consistency. This soup is ready in just 2 minutes with three easy steps and serves two. Get ready to enjoy lip-smacking restaurant style delicious tomato soup at your home and slurrp through the winters.
A little bit sweet and a little bit. Pure Secret Readymade Veggie Tomato Soup is the perfect treat to the Indian palette. It is made with a combination of best-quality tomatoes, herbs, and spices with a delicious aroma. Now the restaurant-style delicious soup at home is a reality. The Tomatoes we source come from the local farmers to make the tomato powder for the base of this soup. Our ready-made tomato soup is a little bit sweet and a little bit tangy, giving it that perfect punch that a real Tomato Soup made from the broth.

Be it a sleepover party, a binge-watch weekend, or the evening hunger. Pure Secret Ready to cook Veggie Tomato Soup Pouch fits right and does its job of making the moments fuller and happier. PS: It is a perfect alternative to the instant noodles that we are so addicted to.

And this makes it perfect for fitness buffs and weight watchers as one serving of Pure Secret Veggie Tomato soup contains only 62 calories and one serving is enough to kill your craving to have that samosa or burger in the evening.

And yes! You don’t need to add any spices to it. We have already got you covered there.

Pure Secret Veggie Sweet Corn Soup

A tasty and healthy gourmet delight
PURE SECRET Sweet Corn Soup is prepared with our own top quality spices and ingredients grown organically sourced from locals. The soury creamy taste blended with Indian flavors from our spices and enriched with veggies like carrots and onions, It’s perfect to savor the winter season.
Sweet Corn soup has its own separate fan base and in the very short span of time we have been in the market we see why that is.

Pure Secret Readymade Veggie Sweet Corn soup has surely attracted a chunk of those sweet corn soup lovers as we have heard that people have had these soups in a fine dining setting at their homes during the lockdown. We know it’s too good to be true and even we couldn’t believe it ourselves.

And that momentum of love is still going on, as our soup is loaded with those sweet cornels which are more than any sweet corn soup in the market. The veggies are also loaded and they have the crunch that veggies are supposed to have. Just saying 🙄
Anyway, Those were all our products from Pure Secret’s exclusive range of herbal drinks and veggie soups. All these are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and our shop.

Also, if you happen to have an RCM store nearby then you can also get GoodDot Spices’ products from there.

Gooddot spices’ aim has always been to provide you with the best quality foods that are quick & easy to cook and make sure that you get a pure, vegan, and cruelty-free product that can hold a long shelf life. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Pure Secret products next time you shop groceries.

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