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Why gooddot food?

Tasty, affordable and healthy

Gooddot Food and products can replace meat in any recipe. Whether you are making an Indian curry, Chinese stir fry, wrap, or any dish, our “meat” products can be used to replace animal meat in your recipe. You cook our Gooddot Food & products just like meat but they are ready even faster. Check out our recipe list for ideas, and be sure to visit again as we will add new recipes each week!


instant cook, instant protein

Vegicken Curry Kit

Our PLANT-BASED Vegicken Curry Kit with authentic Indian Curry flavours will leave you mesmerised and pleasantly surprised, just 10 minutes of simple Cooking and you can relish your favourite curry with the goodness of Protein and Dietary Fibre.



Want to boost your protein intake but not tempted by the idea of meat? Different from the soy chunks you might have tried, our Proteiz has a wonderful texture but no soya taste!
Proteiz-Plus- vegan-food-company

more protein, low price

Proteiz plus

Proteiz+ is a yummy and nutritious health-focused product from the innovators at GoodDot – India’s leading vegan foods company. Proteiz+ contains the goodness of oats, pea protein, gram flour and soy rolled in one. These protein-rich mock-meat chunks can be used as vegan/vegetarian replacement of chicken (or paneer), with a neutral flavor and a firm “bite”.


vegetArian bytz

Did you know a 100 gram serving of real mutton has 21g of fat and 97mg of cholesterol? By replacing meat in your meals with Vegetarian Bytz, you will cut your fat intake by 80%. Also, Veg Bytz has NO cholesterol!
Goodot vegetarian-bytz
Veg Achari Tikka

delicious starter, healthy and tasty

veg achari tikka

It is an indian start-up developing and manufacturing innovative protein-rich packaged food. With the aim of providing cruelty-free and healthier vegetarian (vegan) alternatives to meat, we have created innovative plant-based meat substitutes or mock-meat products.

With goodness of PLant based protein


We bring to you flavours of Avadh with kewra and kesar adding to the charm of this dish, bits of vegan plant-derived protein chunks boost your health and eating pleasure. Convenient, One-Step pressure cooker format, this delish product will delight your taste-buds and address your hunger pangs!

Vegan Biryani
Gooddot Vegicken

High protein, 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fat


Vegetarian (Vegan) Pulao is here! and at this point; you just don’t have an excuse to deprive yourself (or your family)! A mild; vegetarian / vegan Pulao that is sure to delight and surprise you with kewra; star anise and other select spices adding to the aroma of this dish; bits of vegan plant-derived protein chunks boost your health and eating pleasure.

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