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Gooddot Allies

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GOODDO Vegan Kiosks

 Gooddot Allies Known as GoodDO is an off- shoot of the innovative Indian food- tech startup, GoodDot, and derives its name from rescue goat, “Guddu” He, along with his chicken friends, were rescued by one of our founders, from being slaughtered for meat. Now,  Guddu  through his food trucks and kiosks, is returning the favour by spreading the message by Gooddot Allies compassion and the power of plant – based nutrition. Our dishes have been carefully crafted to bring exquisite taste and nutrition in a form that is Good for All.

We have 3 different formats of GoodDO kiosks:

for atheletes

Cheat Like an Athelete

Vegetarian – to keep you safe from antibiotic and hormone laden meat, Keto Friendly – to help you not fall off the wagon and Delectable – to let you enjoy guilt-free. Cheat Clean, Train Dirty.

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Leave Cruelty, Choose Goodness. From Cruelty to Compassion,
from animal meat to plant based meat.

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