Vegetarian Diet Myths – Debunked

Vegetarian Diet Myths – Debunked

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In India, where the culture of food varies based on community practices, geographical regions or different religions, the practice of vegetarianism definitely attracts attention. With almost 30% of the Indian population being vegetarian, you can only guess how versatile the food ingredients and preparations might be. Lately, in India, there has been a growing negative perception of vegetarianism because of incomplete or misunderstood information. So, today we are busting some of the top myths:

Myth #1: Vegetarian Food Tastes Terrible

Fact: Vegetables are full of flavour and Indian spices make the dishes even more exciting. Vegetables have their own amazing flavours and they can be enhanced by using the right cooking process and cutting methods. Slice, dice or chop in a way that can maximize the taste. For adding more textures, beans and legumes are a great choice.

Myth #2: Vegetarian Diets Are Unhealthy

Fact: People tend to think that a plant-based diet lacks protein and other nutrients,  but if you eat a variety of fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes, getting enough protein is not a challenge. Green leafy vegetables are also rich in calcium which can help avoid osteoporosis. On the contrary, meat is extremely high in fat and cholesterol. A vegetarian diet is definitely the healthier way to go!

Myth #3: Vegetarian Diets Are Not Good for Children

Fact: Proteins from vegetarian diets contain 10 amino acids that are crucial for a healthy child development. Against the popular belief of plants lacking proteins, all these amino acids are present in plant proteins.

Myth #4: All Vegetarians are Constantly Judging Non-Vegetarians

Fact: This one definitely needs a reality check. As a whole, vegetarians and vegans are not judging their friends or family members for their eating habits. If might be more curiosity than judgement but you won’t find vegetarians constantly preaching about vegetarianism or imposing their choices on you.

Myth #5: Vegetarians Don’t Get Enough Protein

Fact: This is our favourite crazy myth. Vegetables, beans, legumes and other foods consumed in a vegetarian diet have plenty of protein. Our ancestors survived for thousands of years on little or no meat. Nearly 1/3 of India is vegetarian, and they are doing just fine. Actually, they are significantly less likely to get diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.

So,  keep cooking and loving vegetarian food with complete confidence. If you want to change things up or boost your protein, you can always add in Good Dot’s products. They are 100% vegetarian/vegan and will give you that meaty taste you may be curious to experience.

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