What Makes Good Dot Meat a Good Choice?

What Makes Good Dot Meat a Good Choice?

Team Good Dot

India Fact: The world outside of India often thinks of India as an all veg country. However, a 2014 survey released by the Registrar General of India shows that 71% of the Indians over the age of 15 are non-vegetarians.

Non-veg food often comes under the microscope regarding their actual sources and health issues. So, is it good that India’s next generation is consuming so much meat? We don’t think so, and we want to provide a better option.

Good For You: Good Dot products contains no antibiotics, preservatives or hormones. You can satiate your meat cravings without feeling guilty about putting on extra kilos as Good Dot meat lowers your fat intake significantly. This also keeps bad fats away and helps protect your heart.

Good for Earth: Do you know that production of 1kg of meat, pork and chicken require 10000 litres, 5000 litres and 4000 litres of water respectively? In comparison, only 1500 litres of water is utilized for production of 1kg of grains. Consuming “meat” made from plant-proteins will decrease meat production through factory farming of animals, thus control harmful carbon emissions.

Good for Animals: Eating vegetarian meat will give you the taste and protein you require without any animal slaughtering and cruelty against animals.

Good Dot Meat: Good for All

Good Dot believes in goodness for all, for human lives and animals. It delivers nutritious and affordable meat substitute to all of India to achieve the same.

Ensure a healthy life for yourself and for your near ones by eating right. Make a good choice today.

For more information, visit: www.gooddot.in

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Good Dot products can replace meat in any recipe. Whether you are making an Indian curry, Chinese stir fry, wrap, or any dish, our “meat” products can be used to replace animal meat in your recipe. You cook our products just like meat but they are ready even faster. Check out our recipe list for ideas, and be sure to visit again as we will add new recipes each week!

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