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Good Dot Goes Big – Launch Events Across India!
Team Good Dot

The Good Dot team is overwhelmed with the love and demand we are receiving for our Vegetarian Meat product. When founding a company based on a mission as we did at Good Dot, we dream our offerings will reach to the masses and make a real difference in the world. This became an amazing reality […]

Are You a Closet Non-Veg?
Team Good Dot

Food anthropologist Pushpesh Pant says “India is full of closet non-vegetarians—people who don’t eat non-veg food at home, but go out and eat their fill. This has been happening over the years and is not a new phenomenon.” Is it so? Let’s discuss why hiding that one consumes meat is a phenomenon in India: Religious […]

Challenges for a Vegetarian in a “Blended Household”
Team Good Dot

Are you the only vegetarian in your family? If so, it can be a challenge but also an opportunity. It is important to be confident with your food choices and share these with your family and social circles. You have an opportunity to show them the benefits of vegetarianism. Let’s check out some common challenges […]

Cook Meat Saagwala Good Dot Style
Team Good Dot

If you are a true foodie and outgoing by nature, you must have tried many versions of Meat Saagwala. Indians aren’t afraid to experiment with their collard greens and it’s evident in their love for Palak Paneer, Sarson Da Saag, Methi Chicken, and countless other dishes. With Saag, it’s about preserving the aroma and fresh […]

Vegetarian Diet Myths – Debunked
Team Good Dot

In India, where the culture of food varies based on community practices, geographical regions or different religions, the practice of vegetarianism definitely attracts attention. With almost 30% of the Indian population being vegetarian, you can only guess how versatile the food ingredients and preparations might be. Lately, in India, there has been a growing negative […]

What Makes Good Dot Meat a Good Choice?
Team Good Dot

India Fact: The world outside of India often thinks of India as an all veg country. However, a 2014 survey released by the Registrar General of India shows that 71% of the Indians over the age of 15 are non-vegetarians. Non-veg food often comes under the microscope regarding their actual sources and health issues. So, […]

Good Dot: Tastes Like Meat. Looks Like Meat. But Is It Meat?
Team Good Dot

Have you already booked a table at your favourite restaurant to relish your favorite non-vegetarian dishes? Are you all geared up to cook a flavoursome meat dish to enjoy with your family? We suggest you wait and think about what that meat is giving you. Here are some interesting meat facts for you to know: […]

Welcome to Good Dot!
Team Good Dot

What was nothing more than an idea just 18 months ago, in the spring of 2016, has evolved into an amazing vegetarian meat product and company. Just one month into selling, customers are buying our products as fast as they roll off the production line. Every day, we are improving the health of people in India, […]

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Veg Meat Tikka

Good Dot products can replace meat in any recipe. Whether you are making an Indian curry, Chinese stir fry, wrap, or any dish, our “meat” products can be used to replace animal meat in your recipe. You cook our products just like meat but they are ready even faster. Check out our recipe list for ideas, and be sure to visit again as we will add new recipes each week!

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