Good Dot: Tastes Like Meat. Looks Like Meat. But Is It Meat?

Good Dot: Tastes Like Meat. Looks Like Meat. But Is It Meat?

Team Good Dot

Have you already booked a table at your favourite restaurant to relish your favorite non-vegetarian dishes? Are you all geared up to cook a flavoursome meat dish to enjoy with your family?

We suggest you wait and think about what that meat is giving you. Here are some interesting meat facts for you to know:


  • Every 100 gram serving of real mutton has 21 grams of fat and LOTS of cholesterol.
  • It is a top contributor to heart disease and diabetes.
  • The meat you are consuming might be the highest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In India, over 300 crore chickens and 8 crore goats are raised and slaughtered in horrific conditions.


These facts don’t paint a pretty picture, but how do you satisfy your meat cravings?

Join those who have tasted Good Dot:

The Good Dot dish I tasted was just like chicken curry.
~ Hussain Mustafa

Every diet chart shows you need to stop eating your red meat. Good Dot meat definitely seems like a healthier option.
~ Adil Pathan

Non-veg food preparation normally has a smoky or unique flavour that vegetarians miss out on. Most of us like the gravy but cannot have the meat part, so the hitch is always there. Good Dot provides this for which is really nice for vegetarians.
~ Deepesh Kothari

Good Dot, with the help of RCM, is bringing high quality and healthy vegetarian meat that is made from grain and plant proteins. Now you can enjoy taste and textures of real meat with vegetarian meat manufactured in a cruelty-free way.

For more information, visit: www.gooddot.in

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Good Dot products can replace meat in any recipe. Whether you are making an Indian curry, Chinese stir fry, wrap, or any dish, our “meat” products can be used to replace animal meat in your recipe. You cook our products just like meat but they are ready even faster. Check out our recipe list for ideas, and be sure to visit again as we will add new recipes each week!

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