Good Dot Goes Big – Launch Events Across India!

Good Dot Goes Big – Launch Events Across India!

Team Good Dot

The Good Dot team is overwhelmed with the love and demand we are receiving for our Vegetarian Meat product. When founding a company based on a mission as we did at Good Dot, we dream our offerings will reach to the masses and make a real difference in the world. This became an amazing reality for us because of our distribution partnership with RCM, known for their expansive networks across India.

From the first meeting, Mr. T.C. Chhabra, the founder of RCM, could see the possibility in Good Dot’s vegetarian meat. This is what he had to say about us, “For me, it’s not the product, but the concept behind the product that is valuable. With Good Dot, it was about saving animals along with satisfying the non-vegetarians. I see a bright future for this product in India as more than 70% of Indians are non-vegetarian. Products like this are not easily available in India.” Moreover, our co-founders, Mr. Abhishek Sinha and Mr. Deepak Parihar were confident in the strength of RCM’s distribution network to reach every Indian with this meat product, giving everyone an opportunity to improve their health.

With RCM’s support, it was time to launch of Good Dot Vegetarian Meat, and the response was even better than we had imagined. Our first launch event was organized at RCM World in Bhilwara. Mr. Chhabra left no leaf unturned and was deeply involved in encouraging all the distributors present. Over 3000 distributors were served Good Dot meat, and they kept coming back for more. After launching at RCM’s world headquarters, we held launch events all across India in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Patna, Raipur and Guwahati. The response was just unbelievable.

Good Dot has had just an amazing start to the journey it embarked upon, with many showing their trust in our initiative along the way. To realize that it’s been a month since these events and there are 1.2 million distributors across India making Vegetarian Meat accessible to everyone is an unimaginable blessing. These events have energized us to keep delivering and growing into new product areas. Thank you to RCM and all our fans! Go Good Dot!


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Veg Meat Tikka

Good Dot products can replace meat in any recipe. Whether you are making an Indian curry, Chinese stir fry, wrap, or any dish, our “meat” products can be used to replace animal meat in your recipe. You cook our products just like meat but they are ready even faster. Check out our recipe list for ideas, and be sure to visit again as we will add new recipes each week!

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