Are You a Closet Non-Veg?

Are You a Closet Non-Veg?

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Food anthropologist Pushpesh Pant says “India is full of closet non-vegetarians—people who don’t eat non-veg food at home, but go out and eat their fill. This has been happening over the years and is not a new phenomenon.”

Is it so? Let’s discuss why hiding that one consumes meat is a phenomenon in India:

Religious Beliefs: The Vedas suggest that Ahimsa, or the law of non-injury, is a Hindu’s first duty towards God and God’s creation. With 79.8% of the population practicing Hinduism in a country where faith compels everyday life actions, eating non-vegetarian food openly can be uncomfortable.

Family Pressures: Many people do not believe in inflicting pain on other lifeforms. People fear they’ll accumulate more negative feelings of anger, anxiety, etc. locked into the flesh of butchered creatures. Families with no history of meat consumption also tend to avoid the same out of respect or unfamiliarity. However, younger generations in India are more tempted by the idea of meat, yet they still face family pressures to stay veg. This causes them to hide it when they give into these temptations.   

Geographical Differences: Within Indian states like Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh being heavily vegetarian as opposed to Telangana, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, there is a clear difference of eating habits across the Indian landscape. For those who move for education or work from one region to another often have to adjust to new food styles or eating habits. This isn’t always easy for the non-vegetarians, compelling them to keep their love for meat a secret.

Knowing Non-Veg is Unhealthy: It is commonly known that a non-veg diet is higher in fat, cholesterol, and calories. Studies even show that non-vegetarians are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, many families are facing concerns which may be forcing individuals to consume non-vegetarian food in the hiding.

Considering all the above, if you don’t want to hide anymore but still want to enjoy flavours of meat, choose a tasty and nutritious alternative, Good Dot Vegetarian Meat that’s fit for all gatherings. Good Dot enables you to come out of hiding and enjoy the flavor and texture that you crave in meat, without the challenges faced when consuming non-veg food.

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