Challenges for a Vegetarian in a “Blended Household”

Challenges for a Vegetarian in a “Blended Household”

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Are you the only vegetarian in your family? If so, it can be a challenge but also an opportunity. It is important to be confident with your food choices and share these with your family and social circles. You have an opportunity to show them the benefits of vegetarianism.

Let’s check out some common challenges for the solo vegetarian in blended households and recommendations:

Being Different: Cooking your greens can make you feel a little out of place in a dietary blended household. Still, never be afraid to take charge of your kitchen at times. Also, take the opportunity to introduce your style of food to others using flavourful ingredients and win them over. It’s always good to lead by example and cultivate respect for vegetarian food. Different is good!

Lack of Knowledge: Even though there are so many benefits to being vegetarian — ethical, environmental, financial, medical or religious — your dietary choices will still be puzzling for some people in your life. Explain your choices to your family with patience and without being defensive.

Handling Judgements:  It’s the unfamiliarity, curiosity and difference in upbringing that usually leads to judgment. It can be difficult to not get defensive or irritated, but by taking the high road you will show others you are confident in your choice. Be prepared with good replies to common questions and stay firm in your belief. There is no doubt you are doing the right thing!

Keep these in mind and continue your delightful plant-based food journey.

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