About Gooddot

Gooddot was born when a group of friends decided to come together for a common cause. They wanted to make the world a more humane place for animals.

Having witnessed the unbelievable cruelty involved in animal agriculture, they decided to create a solution that was good for all.
According to Gooddot, we believe that the main reason why most people eat meat is its taste. If a product could be created which not only tasted like meat but was an ethical, healthier, and environmentally sustainable alternative to animal meat, people would happily make the switch.

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OUR Vision


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Our Values

Values drive every decision we make at GoodDot.  We created GoodDot to give people a more compassionate way to eat. 

Ahimsa, or non-violence, is a ubiquitous concept in Indian culture. Most people practice Ahimsa with our fellow humans, yet this belief system often does not extend to animals. At Good Dot, we are providing a path to practicing Ahimsa. 

In the past, meat helped feed people and fuel the advancement of civilization, but like many technologies, meat from animals has outlived its utility. We no longer need to rely on the outdated way we produce meat. Instead, we can enjoy plant-based meat without inflicting harm on living beings. 

Our strategy is to provide delicious products that are affordable, accessible, and healthy. Good for you. Good for the planet. Good for animals. Good for all. 

Join us in making humanity more humane.

Good Dot products

Good For You

GoodDot products are packed with nutrients and high in protein. We also don’t use preservatives, and they are shelf-stable

Good Dot products

Good For Animals

All GoodDot products are completely vegan. This means that no animal products are in anything Good Dot sells.

Good Dot products

Good For the Planet

Animal agriculture is the most environmentally destructive practice in the world. At GoodDot, we can avoid the environmental harms of animal agriculture when we produce meat from plants.